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Traditional and digital fine art

Paul De Bruyne, an abstract artist, consciously chose the path of an artisan for himself. He always positioned himself as an experimenter and a hunter for new and interesting art methods, expressed in various environments and materials. Every day Paul tries something new, which helps him to develop and grow above himself. His art is a metaphor for his vision of life - dynamic simple and clear, in all purity of intense color. And he personifies this vision in the substance of his works.

The artist expresses his passion of life in bold and bright colors, in the space of the canvas, in the game of textures, lines and layers. He believes that art should carry a message, positive emotions and a kind of beauty. Life becomes colorful and bright when we make it ourselves. This is his message, his inspiration and philosophy.

Paul's paintings are very bright, easily perceivable. All his life the artist loved art, and over time, it completely captured him and carried him into the beautiful world of colors and emotions. Feelings and harmony are the basis of his creativity. The artist manages to bring the insanity of colors into balance and pass a piece of his energy to the spectator.

Color takes a special role in his paintings. He makes his art recognizable and unrepeatable. Till this day, Paul is delighted with the variety that exist in nature and each time he continues to experiment with their combination.

Paul De Bruyne combines a classic approach with modern art, a traditional way with media technology. The artist adds to his paintings an internal light source what turns the canvas almost into an original glass window.

During all his creative life, the artist has participated in many exhibitions and has been awarded many times. His works are in private collections at home and abroad

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