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Awards & Prizes

08.2023 Zetes, Bruxelles  

06.2023 Antargaz Ground floor, Diegem 

06.2023 Hôpitaux Iris Sud 5 Uccle  

03.2023  Chateau-Ferme Profondval, court-saint-etienne  

01.2023  Multiburo - Wavre - Belgium  

01.2022 Sumitomo Chemical Europe SA/NV, Machelen  

11.2022 Brutélé - Voo, Bruxelles  

10.2022 Pierre Proesmans Notaire sprl - Gembloux  

08.2022 State Bank of India, Antwerpen  

04.2022 Nivelinvest s.a., Louvain-La-Neuve
12.2021 Air Trade CAIROX BELGIUM, Zaventem  
10.2021 Zetes, Bruxelles  
09.2021 SdPSP - PDOS, Bruxelles
08.2021 Planon, Mechelen 

07.2021 ITUH - The International Auditorium (2), Bruxelles  

05.2021 Bedrijvencentrum Vilvoorde, Vilvoorde  

04.2021 Ecochem International NV, Olen  

02.2021 Groupe Larcier SA, Bruxelles  

01.2021 Laboratoire Luc Olivier sa, Fernelmont  

11.2020 Alcyon Belux, Villers-Le-Bouillet  

10.2020 Forges de Zeebrugge - Thales Belgium SA

10.2020 New York, White Space Gallery

10.2020 Forges de Zeebrugge - Belgium

10.2020 Thales Belgium SA, Herstal - Belgium

09.2020 Microsoft Brussels

02.2020  Albemarle Europe SPRL, Louvain-la-Neuve  

01.2020  Skadden, Arps, Slate, Maegher & Flom, Brussels
11.2019 Regus Schuman BVBA (2), Brussels  
10.2019 Brutélé - Voo, Bruxelles  
10.2019 Multiburo Sablon, Brussels  
06.2019 Regus Schuman BVBA (2), Brussels  
05.2019 Gplus Europe sprl (2), Bruxelles  
05.2019 SdPSP - PDOS 3 (9ème + 8ème), Bruxelles  
04.2019 Multiburo - Parlement 2, Bruxelles - Belgium 
03.2019 Alloson s.a., Bruxelles - Belgium  
02.2019 Riverside Europe Partners s.p.r.l., Bruxelles  
02.2019 CAMBIER Association d'Avocats, Bruxelles  
01.2019 Data Innovations , Bruxelles  
12.2018 Boehringer Ingelheim, Bruxelles
11.2018 Daikin Air Conditioning, Wavre - Belgium 
10.2018 ORPEA Les Jardins d'Ariane, Bruxelles  
08.2018 CUSHMAN & WAKEFIELD (ex-DTZ), Ixelles 
07.2018 art3f Cannes France
06.2018 Credit Agricole Private Banking, Brussels 
06.2018 Nivelinvest s.a., Louvain-La-Neuve  
05.2018 Albemarle Europe Galerie, Louvain-la-Neuve - Belgium 
04.2018 Artavita online art contest
03.2018 Artbox New-York
03.2018 Chateau-Ferme Profondval, Corroy-le-Grand  
02.2018 Cosmetics Europe (3th floor), Bruxelles  
01.2018 Edana, Bruxelles  
01.2018 Euro Graph, Bruxelles 
​01.2018 art3f Paris
​12.2017 Luxembourg ART FAIR
11.2017 art3f Brussels
11.2017 Soudal Nv , Turnhout  
10.2017 Biennale Firenze - Italy
10.2017 Ecochem International Olen
09.2017 Multiburo - Antwerpen Centraal , ANTWERPEN
08.2017 State Bank of India, Antwerp
06.2017 DTZ Winssinger (CUSHMAN & WAKEFIELD), Brussels 
05.2017 Deelnemer Basel 1.0 ArtBox project - Switzerland
04.2017 Art-Nordic Lokomotiv Vaerkstedet - Denmark
03.2017 Multiburo - Louise , Bruxelles - Belgium 
02.2017 Punto Pasta (PHSR Sprl), Gembloux - Belgium
01.2017 Multiburo - Wavre 1er, Wavre - Belgium  
12.2016 IC Belgium s.a., Bruxelles - Belgium
11.2016 Bedrijvencentrum Vilvoorde, Vilvoorde - Belgium
10.2016 Medionex, Leuven  - Belgium
09.2016 Pfizer Zaventem, Zaventem - Belgium  
08.2016 Ernst & Young , Diegem - Belgium
06.2016 Dechert Llp 13 ième, Brussels - Belgium
04.2016 Nordic Art Copenhagen - Denmark
04.2016 Interxion, Zaventem - Belgium
03.2016 St Jude Medical (Brucargo), Brucargo - Belgium
02.2016 Sumitomo Chemical Europe, Machelen - Belgium  
01.2016 EURid, Diegem - Belgium
12.2015 Albemarle Europe Galerie, Louvain-la-Neuve - Belgium  
11.2015 Europe Fair Rotterdam - Netherlands
10.2015 Hôpitaux Iris Sud (Baron Lambert), Bruxelles - Belgium
10.2015 Silversquare Europe SA (MEEUS1), Bruxelles - Belgium
09.2015 Art Fair Amsterdam - Netherlands
07.2015 Laboratoire Luc Olivier sprl, Fernelmont - Belgium
06.2015 Tentoonstelling Jezus-Eik - Belgium
05.2015 Artiestentoer Tervuren - Belgium
03.2015 Everest (MBP Law Offices), Brussels - Belgium
01.2015 EFRAG, Brussels- Belgium
12.2014 Viro Pharma SPRL, Bruxelles - Belgium
11.2014 Multiburo - Parlement, Brussel - Belgium
10.2014 Fluxys Belgium, Brussel - Belgium
09.2013 Art market Antwerpen - Belgium

Who am I


Paul De Bruyne was born 11 june 1953 as second child in a family of 8 children. He’s a civil engineer by profession and has had an active career in several big and small companies. Paul is married and father of 2 sons.

His beautifully colored abstract paintings, sizes 100x100 cm and bigger are made with acryl and mixed media, finished with resin.

He is unique in the way he arranges lighting of a painting. The lighting comes from within not from the outside. When the night falls, the painting alights, when the morning comes the painting goes to sleep.
Paul’s paintings are spontaneous creations and always in balance. He is especially skilled in combining the right colors to get an intriguing and harmonious painting.

"When I paint, I’m working out my own life. Every painting is a piece of my life. But as far as the people who see my paintings? I only paint mirrors."

Paul's works are recognizable by:

1. "Red Signature Branding"

Every painting has a red border, so you don't need a frame to display it.

2. "Light from Within"
Traditionally we lighten paintings with spots. We give light to the painting (front light). 
What happens when we turn this around?
If we let the painting give light to the surroundings (back light) we have a totally different experience. 

When we put led lights in the frame, behind the canvas, we suddenly get much more information from the painting.
We can see more details and the colors are much more bright. It is as if we now have a glass window.
We see the strokes and how the painting evolved.
Strange effects seem to occur. With front light we see yellow with back light we see green, .... because there is blue paint behind.
We also get a second painting since we can use a timer and so during the day we have the painting with front light, during the night we have the one with back light.


10.2020 The stars of Contemporary Art - New York

11.2019 International Giotto Prize for stylistic value

04.2019 Honorable mention Circle of Arts for digital work "illumination"

07.2018 Selected for Artistic Impressions by Condenast

01.2018 Certificate jury Artbox Projects for painting "Summation of Desire"

11.2017 Selected by international jury for Firenze Biënnale

06.2017 Certificate jury Artbox Basel for painting "inside"

05.2017 Certificate of excellence Artavita for painting "Piranha"
​12.2015 Award of the public "​Beste schilderij van België 2015" with Papillon

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